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how some of you have found your way here

November 23, 2016

Sometimes, when I have spare time on my hands (hahahahaha), I like to snoop behind the scenes of this blog. It looks a bit like my sock drawer back there — messy, mismatched, full of holes, colourful. I don’t care much for stats. I much prefer to pretend that my mom is the only person who reads this blog (hi mom), which isn’t too far of a stretch. But I do occasionally get a kick out of seeing the random search terms that people use to find my blog. Makes me wonder what kind of a show I’m running over here.

  • a nice message to a bride
  • bob dylan overlooking alhambra palace
  • does something change when you turn 38
  • female turning 34 what to expect
  • going to miss ma job
  • he farts before he sits down french canadian expression
  • how delicate is our universe
  • i am farting in french
  • i am so adore to you
  • if someone stuck in traffic what would you say to them
  • junk built greenhouses
  • kilt piss
  • me without my knickers
  • mom no more rack
  • my bad habits be impatient
  • pictures of the dear august
  • reasons to adorn someone
  • steph’s big nostrils
  • bacon gnome
  • how unworthy is my scribbling
  • saliva meme
  • band-aid broken hearts
  • the reason i like him
  • the secret of life
  • tin shed bar on the middle of nowhere
  • touque ache
  • unicorn room
  • what are things you should have accomplished by 39
  • what does lache pas la patate mean
  • what is it that one thing you’ll miss, if u r about to die


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  1. November 24, 2016 7:22 pm

    Haha oh my! Me without my knickers is particularly interesting…

    I am not your mom (clearly…) and I read your blog! I can’t say I found it in any sort of strange manner. Spotted my super cool aunt reading it one day while having tea with her and thought your photos were so beautiful. I think I’ve been reading if for quite a number of years now…maybe 5-6 or more? It’s refreshing to read a blog that still reads as a personal log and not a sponsored advertisement. I am incredibly jealous of your travels and your love story is incredible. After reading yours, I was determined to marry someone overseas. I did end up marrying a Dubliner but alas…he is from Pickering Ontario and a Canadian citizen now. Maybe I can still get a dual citizenship out of it…?

    I digress. Love your blog, love your honesty. It’s served me and I’m sure many others with many a great read and beautiful sights.

  2. Megsie permalink
    November 24, 2016 9:35 pm

    Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Spreading gratitude to you as well, SO thankful to your for your writing!

    I found you through Elizabeth. Your love story charmed be and I have been here ever since!

  3. Karin permalink
    November 25, 2016 4:30 am

    I loved this. What a hoot. Did I actually just say, what a hoot? Please forgive me. I remember seeing your photo in the squam photos I was checking out, whatever year that was you went and it became clear, if I may say so, that you were pretty popular with the “it” crowd that year, which was further confirmed when Elizabeth started blogging about you and I’ve followed ever since. I was intrigued, just like those gals were. Clearly, I have good taste 😉 but it’s your wonderful writing and photography that have kept me coming back. I’m glad I found you! I hope this has made sense. Even though it’s only 8:25 pm here, I’m done. It’s been a long Thanksgiving day and I’m tired. Tired, but grateful. Thanks, Jeanine.

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