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because we be crazy

May 23, 2013


It was hailing moments ago – big ass chunks of ice falling from the sky. And now it’s sunny and the birds are singing and the only thing left of the apocalypse is the distant rumble of thunder and rain drops on my window pane. Welcome to spring in London – where the lilacs are in full bloom but you still have to wear thermals in the evening.

Hey, you wanna hear another crazy story? Joe and I signed up to cycle from London to Brighton (a fifty-freaking-four mile journey) this June and then we thought, hey, while we’re at it, why don’t we hike the 3 biggest peaks in the UK under 24 hours? Because we’re mental that way. And maybe I’m trying to convince my soon-to-be 38-year old body that it’s still a spring chicken. Buck, buck, buck, bocuuuuuck.

So, after you have donated to Oklahoma’s Tornado Relief, if you fancy reaching into your pockets again and contributing to my sorry (and soon to be very sore) arse, please donate here. Because hearts are like, super important and we all have one and anything we can do to help them keep ticking is a good thing. But hey, if hearts aren’t your thing, maybe cute little baby orangutans are. If you don’t do it for me, do it for the fluffy baby orangutans. Seriously, can you resist those faces?

Another feat of a non-physical nature (but crazy none-the-less) is my brother-in-law writing a novel. A NOVEL, people. A whole book with 344 pages, which took him a year to write. I’m reading the manuscript as we speak and it is seriously bone-chilling good. I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m ridicously proud, if not totally jealous of his commitment and determination because whilst he was writing his book, I was at the pub ordering a pint (again and again). So, please won’t you head over to his Facebook page and like him. You could win a chance to have a character named after you in his next book or screenplay. How many people can say that a character was named after them? Not many, that’s how much.

And last but not least, this, because I feel like dancing.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    May 23, 2013 5:19 pm

    Thanks Sis! You’re awesome!

  2. May 23, 2013 6:40 pm

    I love visiting your blog…it is always entertaining…and my suggestion would be, yes, do everything on that list…thanks for the music…

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