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list 14: a random one. because i’m ass deep in alligators.

May 15, 2010

it’s true. i am. work has been rather hectic since i got back. early starts. late finishes. long hours. bringing files home at night. working on the weekends (today is no exception but procrastination is surely acceptable on a saturday morning). chomp, chomp, chomp go the corporate alligators, though i suppose said alligators helped finance recent trip of a lifetime so it’s par for the course.

i know i owe you an update on iceland and the boy and i assure you it’s coming but until then… hark, a list. while i wade ass deep in alligator infested waters, here are a few things that are keeping me afloat.

* i am absolutely thrilled and feel so very grateful to be a part of this amazing project. 8 of my photos are on display along with work from 11 other wonderful artists that have inspired me over the years.

* seeing mumford and sons live thursday night was something else; a real treat to see them kick off their north american tour in such an intimate venue.

* watching the montreal canadians win game 7 against pittsburgh on wednesday night. hoards of spectators gathered in pubs with people spilling out onto the street, eyes glued to the screen, singing olé olé olé. i’m not one to generally watch sports on television but you best believe that i am all over the playoffs.  the entire city has habs fever and that shit’s contagious.

* coming into work yesterday and finding this t-shirt on my desk, a hand-me-down gifted to me by my friend léa. please make note of the rooster, the t-shirt’s raison d’être. i assure you that though i have been known to say “rock out with your cock out” on more than one occasion, i am not one to walk around donning a penis-print t-shirt.

* because he hates peanut butter but knows i love it. because i was enthusiastic (read: ridiculously giddy) when i saw pb&j’s for sale at this amazing bakery in new york, he snaps the following photo on the streets of london and sends it to me out of the blue. and for that. i adore him. it really is the little things that count.

* being in an elevator with my friend roma and 5 other strangers. we’d just had a fit of exhaustion-induced laughter prior to embarking and were desperately trying to control an outburst. but lord knows if you put me in a situation where i CAN’T laugh, the only thing i want to do IS laugh. so there we are in complete silence and i lose it, people. i properly lose my shit. and then of course, so does roma. so we’re giggling like school girls in an elevator full of suits and i’m trying to apologize for silly behavior between guffaws when before i know it, they start laughing too (well, three of them join the fun. i am convinced the other two were living dead or robots. still 3 out of 5 are pretty good odds). the funniest thing is they don’t even know why they’re laughing but by the time we spill out of the elevator on the ground floor, we are all well cracked up. and it just felt exhilarating to be alive in those few minutes. to connect in laughter for a brief moment in time. to know that our days, no matter how crazy, ended on a happy note.

* coffee. forever and always. though it may have contributed to above display of exuberance.

* the occasional episode of bored to death. anything but boring.

* zooey deschanel. i just love her.

* photo booths. joe & i hopped in one on coney island. then kristen and i at ace hotel. and then all three of us at a bar called the shrunken head. photo booths just beg you to make funny faces and let loose…. which we could all use once in a while (particularly when faced with stressful deadlines).

* the middle east opened for mumford and sons the other night and they were fantastic. i’ve had this song on repeat all morning (a lovely video as well).

* this video also makes me ridiculously happy.

* these wedding photos are swoony (seriously the most beautiful wedding photos i’ve ever seen). they ALMOST make me want to get married.

* and lastly, nothing welcomes a weary traveler home better than a note left on your table by miss lake (orchids and a bottle of wine help too). and since it pertains to life in general, i like having it taped to my wall. a reminder, in moments of melancholy, that tomorrow will continue to take care of itself and that everything is going to be a-ok.

on that note. off to work i go. and you… have yourself a fabulous weekend, ya hear.


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  1. May 15, 2010 3:49 pm

    You are so cute!! I hope you’re having a fantabulous weekend! 🙂

  2. May 15, 2010 4:20 pm

    you make me smile happy wanderer/wonderer. now i must visit links.

  3. Alison permalink
    May 15, 2010 5:25 pm

    Oh oh oh so nice. And the photos almost gave me a case of the giggles. 🙂

  4. May 15, 2010 6:11 pm

    Oh, what a gorgeous post. Your enthusiasm for your life is contagious. And that note is stunning. To have such good friends. You are blessed. Thank you for sharing with us, so we could live vicariously, if only for a moment. . .

  5. May 22, 2010 1:04 am

    Its been a while since I’ve checked this site out. Another in a long list of favorites. But this last post I stumbled across has been the most fun to read tonight.

    How jealous I am you saw Mumford and Sons. I’d die to hear Thistle and Weeds and White Blank Page in person. The opening band sounds wonderful too, that video is fantastic!

    And speaking of coffee, tonight, as a dessert to my sushi, I was served coffee jelly, how great is that ?

    Catch you later,


  6. May 22, 2010 7:36 am

    I hope your backside is donning some sunshine and that the work related piles (?… maybe not the best choice of word) are narrowing down to a manageable size. I just got back from spending a mere weekend in NYC (fabulous) and am still, almost a week later, caught under the travel spell. I can only imagine how you’re feeling. Can’t wait to here about your trip. No pressure… 🙂

    Bon Weekend!

  7. May 22, 2010 3:53 pm

    You have some wonderful people in your life. They write you happy notes, pose like a loon in photobooths, and take pictures of things they know you love. I do adore friends like that.

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