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day 9 – the makings of a perfect Sunday…

November 9, 2008


  • sleep in until 7:00 (which technically is sleeping in when your usual waking hour is 5am)
  • stretch the whole length of the bed, then wake up excited to start the day
  • grind coffee beans, revel in the roasted aroma
  • put espresso pot on the stove top and throw a load of laundry in the washing machine
  • sip coffee and check emails
  • fold laundry and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of having house chores done by 8:30
  • meet a friend for breakfast at 10:00
  • stay at café until 1:00, write, sip rooibos tea and indulge in a big berry muffin (breakfast dessert)
  • go for a run on the mountain, get caught in the rain
  • pick up photos from printer, go to post office and send a print to Maine Momma in exchange for one of her lovelies
  • mail a little surprise to someone special (I heart the Post Office… do you love it as much as I do?)
  • stop by the best book/music shop in town and listen to this and this and this and this.
  • when the sun shines again, grab Kodak Duaflex and spend an hour taking photos
  • watch this video and have a good laugh
  • prepare a healthy dinner – bowl of brown rice, baked tofu and steamed broccoli with tahini sauce
  • enjoy a glass of Bordeaux and write simple blog post
  • knit for a bit
  • get ready to hop back into bed and read
  • wish you could do it all over again

I spent time with all my loves today – writing, running, cooking, listening to music, photography, laughing, knitting, reading and sipping coffee in a quaint café with a friend.  Truly, I couldn’t have conjured up a better day.   One moment flowed into the next effortlessly and there was joy in each of those moments.  What is your idea of a perfect Sunday?  I hope today was one of those days for you.


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  1. November 10, 2008 3:55 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful day – I’m very happy for you that you are really starting to enjoy all the little aspects of your life again. 🙂

  2. Christina permalink
    November 10, 2008 9:16 pm

    You just described a perfect Sunday…..I wish doing one load of laundry and folding the clothes would end my house chores too. Mine is more like, change four sets of bedding, do 5 loads of laundry, fold 5 loads, reload drawers, remake beds, pick up toys, pick up more toys and more toys oh and spit up, change diapers, sweep floors, mop floors, dust everything twice (kid sensitive to dust) do 5 batches of dishes (many complicated feeding bottles) and so on……but then the day ends in a quiet bathroom with lit candles, eucalyptus bubble bath and a good novel…oh and self-gratitute.

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